Lawrence County Health Department
2419 Mitchell Road, Bedford, IN 47421

Vital Records Divison
Birth and death records are available beginning with the year 1882. These records may be obtained through the mail, over the Internet, or by walk-in service (see Obtaining Vital Records. Death records are $11.00 per copy. Birth records are $10.00 per copy. There is a limit of 5 certificates per name.

For genealogy searches, there is a 5-name limit and a $5.00 charge per name researched. There is also a limit of 5 certificates per name.

Identity theft is a growing concern in the U.S.A. A birth certificate is a prime piece of documentation used to establish false identities. For your protection, the Vital Records Division of the Lawrence County  Health Department and the Indiana State Department of Health make the following recommendations:

Do not keep your birth certificate on your person unless needed for a specific purpose.

Do not carry your Social Security Card on your person unless needed for a specific purpose.

Remove your Social Security Number from your driver's license, checks, etc.

If your wallet or purse is stolen with these pieces of identification, check your credit ratings at least every 6 months.

Keep these pieces of I.D. (along with all legal documents) stored in a safe place when not in use.

For more information regarding identity theft, consult the following websites: - (800) 829-0433

Birth/Death Certificate Request Forms
Identification is REQUIRED when obtaining a birth or death record. To request a certified copy of a VITAL record you MUST be 18 years of age or older.

Birth Certificate request form
Death Certificate request form
Permission to release Birth Certificate
Steps to obtain a Birth or Death Certificate
You must have ID form

For information regarding births or deaths which occurred in other counties within Indiana, please go to the Indiana State Department of Health website and click on Birth & Death Certificates.

Obtaining Vital Records
By mail:
Complete the necessary form application and mail it with the proper fee*, ID and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Lawrence County Health Department
2419 Mitchell Rd.
Bedford, IN 47421



Acceptable Forms of Identification:

A valid, current driver's license
A social security card
A valid, current state-issued identification card
A military identification card

Identification MUST contain your signature. If you are making a request via mail, please photocopy your identification; do NOT send the original document!

For more information, contact the Lawrence County Health Department - (812) 275-3234

Amending Vital Records
The following options are available to amend a vital record, if ALL necessary criteria are met:

Court Order Change of Name
Court Order Determining Parentage
Correction Affidavit
Paternity Affidavit
Paternity Affidavit Upon Marriage

Please do not make any assumptions based on this list. Call the Lawrence County Health Department for detailed information regarding ANY of these procedures.  

You Must Have ID Form

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